Endless possibilities


Standing on the beach
The waves washed my feet
Swirling sands building foundation
Firmly held my feet onto the ground
I could feel the strong force
Each time the waves came
Neither pushing nor pulling me down
The grip was getting stronger
As the sands thickened
Made me not wanting to leave
The sea, the waves and the sky taught me
The challenges in my life were sent to make me stronger
Teaching me patience and gratitude
Like the waves that never gave up crawling onto the beach
The sands that kept coming back after being washed away
And the sea with endless possibilities
Only the sky is the limit as far as I could see
I will not give up, until my last breath is taken away from me

Pic : view from my window; Port Dickson, Malaysia (watercolor painting)

My English, is it good ?


I was born alien to English
I did not see the importance
until I entered university
I don’t speak English fluently
and struggling until today
It is obvious that I have to improve
When my boys speak English better than me
I have to change and I have to practice
Through written words that I openly share
*My boys are my inspiration*

Photo : attending lecture at nearby mosque; never stop learing


I want to share my story

I see patients
I treat their illnesses
I try my best
Ultimately I still need the Almighty
For complete healing
I talk to them
I pray for them
Make them believe
They will be healed
By His mercy; the Almighty

They came for help
They even came for hugs
The medicines were for the physical
And the hugs for emotional support
Yeah! I am proud of myself
For being there to help
Being a GP I learned a lot
My patients are my teachers
When they say thank you
When they smile at me
Make me wanted to do more

Now I am not what I used to be
Lots had happened to me
I have to say I am still in recovery
Which took longer than I expected to be
I learn many things as I walk this path
How my patients might have felt
The emotional rides they went through
The helpless feeling
The need for comfort
And someone telling everything will be alright
How a hug or a pat on the back made difference

This journey has changed me
Makes me a better doctor
A better person I should have been
I will one day share my story
The day will come… I promise
Cause those valuable experiences
Might help someone going through
The same journey
Which unexpectedly came to me


Pic : evening sky captured on my way back from work; yes! I am back at work

I hope you understand


It has to stop
What ever you are doing
It is killing me
Not knowing what to answer
When you wander
Or when I didn’t answer
Please understand
I might be offline
Or somewhere very important
Up on a mountain
In the deepest sea
Or high in the sky
….or possibly i am facing the doctor
Please understand..even for a second
Take a moment and pray for us
That’s all I asked for
# pray for Allah

Photo : her passion