Trust – is it redeemable?

TRUST… they say, once broken, is hard to mend. The pain is excruciating, and it can be unbearable too.
TRUST… it is not given freely. For some, it takes years to build. Even it happens in an instant, once shattered it will take longer to repair. If only it is repairable. Things will never be the same again – the wound though it is healed, the scar remains. So, how can one forget what causes the scar ?
TRUST, even if it can be redeemed, will not bring one to the place he or she once belonged. Does forgiveness mean one can start over ? And all the faults can be forgotten? Is the trust redeemable ?
TRUST, once broken, makes one very cautious. There will be invisible walls everywhere. One may not see, but the distance can be felt. The gap is forever marked. And the walls get higher as one tries to come closer. So, one will not live in the torment of a broken trust (again).
*bedtime rambling for my ‘a word a day & personal opinion” – forcing myself to write.

Be true to yourself


It takes lots of courage to say out loud what is in your heart. One day when you are tired of keeping quiet and accepting what is thrown to you. No matter how hurtful things are, you have to stand up for yourself. No one would. It does not matter anymore what others would say or think of you because at the end of the day they are not the one suffering. This is your life. You deserve to live your life your way.
Every action has consequences.
It comes with risks attached.
That is beyond our control.

But, Who do we fear the most?
Who do we want to please?
Who is the most deserving?

Perception won’t kill. Let them say anything they want. Yes, it hurts sometimes. That is the price you have to pay. It will teach you patience and gratitude. The challenge is there to strengthen you. You are not losing here. But being silent and keeping things to yourself for too long can cause you to slowly dying from the inside. It does. You may not realize.
Choice is yours, choose wisely.
Let go and move on.
Forgive and slowly forget.
Remember time will heals.
Believe in HIM. The Creator.
To Him we shall return. Please Him. Seek His guidance and His love. World is temporary so do what is right. Be true to yourself.

Photo : Friday morning sky; breakfast with my heroes

Learning to trust again


My words were being twisted
I was dissapointed and hurt
I trusted no more
I talked less and kept things to myself
So the words I said
Not to be used against me
I learned to ignore
I kept a distance
To calm myself
In the quest for inner peace
So I could rise again
With greater patience
And heart that is sincere
I forgive and
Slowly trying to forget
Though it is hard
For me to trust again


Photo: after sending my boys to school; morning sky

Her (his) life has always been like that


She gave in
She smiled
She talked
But, it didn’t last long
Coz those hurting words
She heard today
She could not ignore
She has had enough
But what choice does she has…
Other than to forgive
God knows what’s in her (his) heart
And how much she (he) is hurt
Maybe she should go back to her hiding again…and remain silent


Pic : morning sky


I just want to feel safe


If I were pretending
What did I gain?
Tell me…
No one could answer
It was obvious
They (some) didn’t believe
They could not explain
Why that happened to me
I don’t need attention
I just want reassurance
That I’ll be safe the next time
(I am there again)
Will I be safe?
I am not sure anymore


Photo : our way home


Our happy place built with love


It was one August morning
I decided to work on my own
In October from zero we began
Running here and there to get the fund
I ran the clinic he became my assisstant
So did a girl name F to run the errand
It was fun to see it happened
Something beyond our imagination
Right in front of our eyes
We put our efforts and marks on then
Worked very hard from day one
Never give up when we were down
Cause that was what we love to do
Not ambition but the satisfaction
That was what we wanted to achieve
And we’ve done it….

# proud to be a GP
# maybe it is time to move on
# trust is hard to build

*dedicated to my family n friends for the endless support

Photo : our happy place; our clinic