I am strong, don’t you see?


We sat there
The two of us
Quietly sipped our tea
Not knowing what to say
Anxious and worried
We just stared at each other
We talked through our eyes;
If only you could read my mind
If only you could understand this silence
I was actually telling you and me,

This might be the closure
In these few days to come

You’ve just got to believe me
I am strong, don’t you see?
Photo : tea time@home with him. My bread puding with papaya

Echoes in my ears


His voice echoed in my ears
“Nothing will last forever
Till then we should stay together
And filled our lives with laughters
We love each other, that is what matter”
He wiped my tears and looked straight into my eyes; “I don’t want us separated”
It was painful just to remember that evening
When those words came from him
“Let us hug each other…four of us
This way we will be stronger”
And we burst into tears again


Photo : time flies, he is now one fine gentleman. Blessed.

Cry as much…if you want.

Cry and don’t stop
Till you are done
Don’t hold anymore
Coz it will flood your heart
And overflow your eyes
Please cry baby (only this time)
Its time…I see tired in your eyes
You hurt so much that you only smiles
Holding onto the pain with laughters
They said you are the chosen one
Try tell them to be in your shoes once
Would they stay?…asked them that
Would they stumble on their very first step?
If they said you were pretending
Asked them again…willl you pretend to be in pain? What would you gain?
So baby…cry…as much…till you are done
I’ll be around to wipe your tears…as always
Don’t be ashamed; we are all the same
We could cry… laugh or smile
So baby…please let it go; I let you
Cry as much….until you are done
Then go back to your own self
The POSITIVE you….and your loved ones.


Photo : missing home and our little jannah


Don’t let the tear drops

Don’t cry for me
Of broken love
Or broken hearted
But only for HIM
The ONE, the most deserving

Yes i cried of love , forgive me
To see him broke down
When he almost lose me
It was only yesterday
Just to let go of his fears
Of losing the love GOD granted him

Again… regain yourself dear
Composed and seek forgiveness
From the ONE who deserve your tears
Of hope…of mercy…and repentence
I’ll still be here stronger than ever
For that is my promise to you n our kids
Only we cannot deny…we are powerless.


Photo : empty highway…may it ease our journey today.

# pray hard…we are the humble servant.
# our friends are with us
# so does our loved ones
# don’t cry for me