I am strong, don’t you see?


We sat there
The two of us
Quietly sipped our tea
Not knowing what to say
Anxious and worried
We just stared at each other
We talked through our eyes;
If only you could read my mind
If only you could understand this silence
I was actually telling you and me,

This might be the closure
In these few days to come

You’ve just got to believe me
I am strong, don’t you see?
Photo : tea time@home with him. My bread puding with papaya

Give me Smile


Thank you Drs
Thank you sisters
Friends & Families
Known or not known to me
Indeed… you help me a lots
The word TQ will never be enough
Instead SORRY for the trouble
I am continuously bringing
….i wish i bring more smiles….
Today n days to come….
I can only promise you that
Hubby, sisters n friends

P.s. dont cry for me
I prefer smile. That is so Me!