You are my Paradise

“Take your time

I will understand

I will never leave

Cause you are my paradise…

This song I composed

Is special for you ,this song is ours

So you know, I will always be there for you.”

*my son wrote this song for me 2 months ago after knowing that I’ll have to go for another surgery. He even sang it to me💖.A beautiful rendition from an 11-year old.

Pic : my painting on that special day

 I want you home

You stood there

Not knowing what to say

Slowly you came to me

Lying on my bed in silence

I hugged you tight

Your heart beating fast

Then you said to me,

Mama, I want you home.

Oh dear… If only you know,

I don’t want to be here either

But, this is where I could get better

So we can have future together

Pic : latest painting before hospitalisation


Dare to dream : Book

Book cover
My first book (2016)

I had the manuscript ready, hidden in my dropbox for months.
I dared not turn them into reality. I feared of rejections.
I was at a stage that I needed positivity to go on.
A rejection letter would just bring my world crashing down.

However, time flies fast, waiting for no one. I might not be able to catch up.
I told myself – I have to act now. I might not have another chance.
Even if it meant a rejection, at least I had taken a chance and given it a try instead of simply wondering… what if…

Luck was with me, the manuscript was accepted on the first attempt. That acceptance had given me positive energy and helped in my recovery.

It is now 4 months since the manuscript was accepted. My recovery is progressing.

Writing the book itself (Dec 2014 – 2015) was a therapeutic process and getting it published (2016) is a dream come true.

The Doctor is Sick

Anything is possible


It was the end of the 2nd school term.
My boys were having their end of term class party at school. I decided to bake chocolate chip cookies for them #first time…

I learned that when I put my heart into what I have decided to do I could achieve them.

*My son’s comment : “Looking good. Tastes nice. Make them in a smaller size next time.”

Love is here, this place


This place is full of love
Where I feel blessed
This is the place
To clear my mind
I don’t have to say anything
Yet they always understand
I just stand there and breathe
With him by my side
And them both around
I feel complete
That is the beauty of this place
My parents’ place…
(Or dad’s place)

Photo : view from my window after the rain; the greens