I was with her for a while


It was midnight
I was only four
I sat on her lap
She cuddled me
They talked about lots of thing
They were both very happy
Hours later early in the morning
She was gone forever
That morning was full of tears
The first time I saw him cried
Everyone cried
It was unexpected
I will never forget
That day I lost my mother

Photo : morning sky today near office

You are a year younger


Today is the day
I celebrate my day
It has been great the past years
May the days to come bring more sunshines.
My son said to me :
“You are a year younger
Coz you have been sick since last year
It has to be minus a year to be fair
You didn’t get to enjoy last year”
I am one happy mother 🙂
That put a smile on father’s face
#Grateful to have them in my life

And thank you to my mother who brought me to this world
We had four great years together
Allah loves you more and you were taken
Today I am blessed with 3 beautiful heroes
May we all be together in the highest paradise


Photo : my mini blackforest cake; my blooming garden