Priceless journey


It wasn’t the price or the beauty
Because I am not an artist
It was the story
It was my journey
The memories and images that emerged
On every stroke on the blank canvas
On every single details and colours
When I was struggling with my tremors
When I was in constant fear of losing
Painting was part of my therapy
For physical and emotional recovery
It was real challenge for me and my family
Tears has been shed along the way
An patience has been tested
But we managed to sail through
That is what makes them valuable
…. the missing paintings.

Pic : my medical abstract (neurology)

Vision vs Illusion


Your eyes see what you want to see
And you simply believe what you see
Eventhough you know the reality
You just refuse to see
You choose to be delusional
Keep believing the illusion
Because truth hurts really
While what you see is full of beauty
Even if it brings false hope, let it be

Pic : My attempt to produce a 3D painting – eye ball. Edited so I could figure out what to do next. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to work on it due to unforseen circumstances. I am back to writing at the moment.