Sky, sea and me

Malacca Straits (Selat Melaka)

Looking at the sky brought me peace, knowing that I will never be alone.

The endless sea reminds me that there is good in everything that happens in our lives..The reasonings of fate are beyond our knowledge and imagination.

We are the beautiful creations on earth, perfectly created for our individual purpose – to do no harm.

“Which favour of your Lord would you deny?” (Quran, ArRahman)

Therapy-nothing can beat this


Celebration of joy this Eid
Celebration of life for me
I will not ask for more
Their smiles and laughters
Lessen the pain I am having now
Yes, It is difficult to hide
Cause it is not bearable
The pain in my head
And the pain on my back
I sleep so I forget for a while
But when I wake up
The cycle starts again
That is not important really
Cause I want to be with my family
Seeing them happy
Is the best therapy for me

*best Ramadhan for me*
Better tomorrow…

Photo : my favourite malaysian pineapple jam swiss roll (bahulu gulung)