I see hope in the sky


Morning blessings.

Our days begin early and we take a different route now. But, my obsession with the morning sky remains the same. I see hopes when I look at the morning sky. The energy brought positivity into my soul. Who are we to deny such amazing creation?

Photo : early rise as school begins early

*I wish I could go back to painting very soon*

Moment of peace


Now that we have the answer
We worry no more
It is time to rejuvenate
And enjoy the moment of peace
It is the end of our gloomy days
We see brighter future ahead
Let’s just smile and enjoy the day

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths” ~Etty Hillesum

Photo : Morning sky today, not as bright
@745am because of the haze.

I want to share my story

I see patients
I treat their illnesses
I try my best
Ultimately I still need the Almighty
For complete healing
I talk to them
I pray for them
Make them believe
They will be healed
By His mercy; the Almighty

They came for help
They even came for hugs
The medicines were for the physical
And the hugs for emotional support
Yeah! I am proud of myself
For being there to help
Being a GP I learned a lot
My patients are my teachers
When they say thank you
When they smile at me
Make me wanted to do more

Now I am not what I used to be
Lots had happened to me
I have to say I am still in recovery
Which took longer than I expected to be
I learn many things as I walk this path
How my patients might have felt
The emotional rides they went through
The helpless feeling
The need for comfort
And someone telling everything will be alright
How a hug or a pat on the back made difference

This journey has changed me
Makes me a better doctor
A better person I should have been
I will one day share my story
The day will come… I promise
Cause those valuable experiences
Might help someone going through
The same journey
Which unexpectedly came to me


Pic : evening sky captured on my way back from work; yes! I am back at work

Bringing smiles home


That evening
We gathered at a cafe
We laughed
We shared stories
“I feel loved
I feel lot stronger
I feel alive”
They’ve given me hopes
And smiles to bring home
I have now courage
To fight this battle
To the end
Knowing they will always be around
(That evening was a therapy indeed)

#they’refamily; friendshipforever

Photo : gift from a friend