Anything is possible


It was the end of the 2nd school term.
My boys were having their end of term class party at school. I decided to bake chocolate chip cookies for them #first time…

I learned that when I put my heart into what I have decided to do I could achieve them.

*My son’s comment : “Looking good. Tastes nice. Make them in a smaller size next time.”

I am strong, don’t you see?


We sat there
The two of us
Quietly sipped our tea
Not knowing what to say
Anxious and worried
We just stared at each other
We talked through our eyes;
If only you could read my mind
If only you could understand this silence
I was actually telling you and me,

This might be the closure
In these few days to come

You’ve just got to believe me
I am strong, don’t you see?
Photo : tea time@home with him. My bread puding with papaya

Fat free vs Free fat


We were having breakfast

Me : Do you want yoghurt?
Son : No, I don’t want

Me : You like yoghurt
Son : Not the ‘fat free’

Me : Why?
Son : I want to stay healthy… that yoghurt, it comes with free fat. You pay for the yoghurt and get ‘fat free’

Oh! my boy…


Photo : our recent weekend retreat after one stressful week

Where is my chicken curry (part2) ?


I was supposed to do the cooking
But I fell asleep as I was feeling very tired
Luckily, he was also busy watching tv
Not wanting to disturb me
Dad started the cooking himself
When it was almost ready
And soon after I was back in the kitchen
He popped in asking,
Mama, is your chicken curry ready?
He had a sip to taste ….then he smiled
And said; this is papa’s chicken curry.
It is okay. We can have mama’s curry when she is well…

Oh! My little chef
He really know how to taste.
And he loves my curry.

Photo : chicken curry and noodle for dinner; school holiday (written in june15)

Therapy-nothing can beat this


Celebration of joy this Eid
Celebration of life for me
I will not ask for more
Their smiles and laughters
Lessen the pain I am having now
Yes, It is difficult to hide
Cause it is not bearable
The pain in my head
And the pain on my back
I sleep so I forget for a while
But when I wake up
The cycle starts again
That is not important really
Cause I want to be with my family
Seeing them happy
Is the best therapy for me

*best Ramadhan for me*
Better tomorrow…

Photo : my favourite malaysian pineapple jam swiss roll (bahulu gulung)


Bringing smiles home


That evening
We gathered at a cafe
We laughed
We shared stories
“I feel loved
I feel lot stronger
I feel alive”
They’ve given me hopes
And smiles to bring home
I have now courage
To fight this battle
To the end
Knowing they will always be around
(That evening was a therapy indeed)

#they’refamily; friendshipforever

Photo : gift from a friend