Those early days


Dear brothers and sisters,
     Do you remember?
     Those early days
     We were always together
     We cared for each other
     We shared our tears and laughters
     Do you remember?
     After the passing of our mother
     We were jewels to our father
     To him nothing else matter
     Do you still remember?
     Help others, he always remind us
     We are not rich or famous
     But we must add value to others’ life
     Those were his advice
     Do you remember?
     Now and then
     Whenever I am feeling down
     He came to my mind
     So did the memories of those early days
     I hope you remember
     Let them be the inspirations for our future
Photo : this photo reminded me of our childhood years ago
(2010 – sunset at the beach; my sons and cousins)

I was with her for a while


It was midnight
I was only four
I sat on her lap
She cuddled me
They talked about lots of thing
They were both very happy
Hours later early in the morning
She was gone forever
That morning was full of tears
The first time I saw him cried
Everyone cried
It was unexpected
I will never forget
That day I lost my mother

Photo : morning sky today near office

Remembering my father

I remembered seeing him crying that morning
When the one he loved the most left him forever
She left him beautiful children (us) and that gave him hopes to move on
His life was devoted raising us unconditionally
Never once he raised his voice towards us, never angry
All I could remember was the sweet memories we shared with him
He brought laughters to us his children
He never regret anything he said or done
He gave us the best education he could afford
No matter how hard his life was
He never complain and never ask for anything but the happiness of his children
He was a man with a big heart
I was away when he died because we were separated by million miles
I cried and heartbroken for not being there to say good bye
To the man I adored who believed
I found the right man the day I met my husband
Better than him, he was convinced
Memories with him gave me reasons
To bounce back whenever I was feeling down
He was my inspiration, my father..was the man