Pink October -To never give up

The hope is to never give up.

The battle you are in is not for you alone but also for everyone around. They always say, they know it is not easy. They tell you to be patient. They reassure you everything is going to be okay. They say the pain is temporary.

That makes you wonder – do they really know how you feel? Your everyday stuggles? Your fears? Your pain?

Then you ask yourself – will I ever recover? Again and again you cry when no one is looking. You feel alone in this battle.

We may not fully understand you… We may not feel your pain… We may walk in different shoes… We may not have the best words to comfort you…But we care as much as you do. And we pray for you…

You are not alone.
There is always hope.
You are a warrior the moment you decided to see a doctor.

Pink October.
The hope is to never give up – all of us.

#pinkoctober #awareness

Was it vertigo?


Everything was fuzzy that day
My head was heavy
Yet I was like floating in the air
Then stumbling all over
I wasn’t me for sure
OMG!What was happening to me?
I ended up on a wheelchair
Back to my doctor
I could see her I could also hear
Just not as clear…
Lucky for me, she let me home


Brothers and Sisters

They laughed to hide their cries
They smiled to hide their worries
They brought joys and showed happiness
But I could see the pain in their eyes
When they saw me on that hospital bed

They jumped onto their feet when I moved
To lend me hands whenever I needed
They were always there on my side
They didn’t want me to lose this battle
After I were awakened from the sleep
On that hospital bed

Their loves and hopes brought to me courage
To stand up and fight the pain I endured
They wanted me to live again
Because I am important to them
As much as they are to me
They are my brothers and sisters