Sky, sea and me

Malacca Straits (Selat Melaka)

Looking at the sky brought me peace, knowing that I will never be alone.

The endless sea reminds me that there is good in everything that happens in our lives..The reasonings of fate are beyond our knowledge and imagination.

We are the beautiful creations on earth, perfectly created for our individual purpose – to do no harm.

“Which favour of your Lord would you deny?” (Quran, ArRahman)

Take a look at “The Doctor Is Sick”

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How I survived stroke and heart surgery.

The changing of role from being a doctor to become a patient.

The struggles during recovery.

The true emotion of a patient and the family.

Coping and post-traumatic growth.

I see hope in the sky


Morning blessings.

Our days begin early and we take a different route now. But, my obsession with the morning sky remains the same. I see hopes when I look at the morning sky. The energy brought positivity into my soul. Who are we to deny such amazing creation?

Photo : early rise as school begins early

*I wish I could go back to painting very soon*

You are a year younger


Today is the day
I celebrate my day
It has been great the past years
May the days to come bring more sunshines.
My son said to me :
“You are a year younger
Coz you have been sick since last year
It has to be minus a year to be fair
You didn’t get to enjoy last year”
I am one happy mother 🙂
That put a smile on father’s face
#Grateful to have them in my life

And thank you to my mother who brought me to this world
We had four great years together
Allah loves you more and you were taken
Today I am blessed with 3 beautiful heroes
May we all be together in the highest paradise


Photo : my mini blackforest cake; my blooming garden