“I am normal – after all,” she whispered. That made him smile.

He knew that she has been on an emotional rollercoaster since the surgery. It was a succesfull surgery but the recovery was not easy for her especially when her deficits were not visible to others. She tried very hard to keep it that way… but, had to admit she hurt herself more by doing so.

Dealing with loss – what does ‘normal’ means ?


Fiction. I wish I would

I am strong, don’t you see?


We sat there
The two of us
Quietly sipped our tea
Not knowing what to say
Anxious and worried
We just stared at each other
We talked through our eyes;
If only you could read my mind
If only you could understand this silence
I was actually telling you and me,

This might be the closure
In these few days to come

You’ve just got to believe me
I am strong, don’t you see?
Photo : tea time@home with him. My bread puding with papaya

Vision vs Illusion


Your eyes see what you want to see
And you simply believe what you see
Eventhough you know the reality
You just refuse to see
You choose to be delusional
Keep believing the illusion
Because truth hurts really
While what you see is full of beauty
Even if it brings false hope, let it be

Pic : My attempt to produce a 3D painting – eye ball. Edited so I could figure out what to do next. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to work on it due to unforseen circumstances. I am back to writing at the moment.

We will be there, don’t you worry


Ten months has passed
We had been running around
To get the best we could
We thought everything was over
I recovered physically and emotionally
Months after the surgery
But, who are we to deny?
When everything started to fall in place
When we were happy to start all over again
Suddenly we got the devastating news
Which brought us down to the lowest point in life
Hopes shattered, we broke down
We had to go through the pain for one more time
Who are we to deny?
Even it was hard to accept
Slowly we brought ourselves up
Taller and stronger than before
We tried our best to be positive
More receptive…
We are tested in such way
To bring us closer to HIM
To make us better person
For today and hereafter
So don’t you worry, we will be there
Back to our life as before
May be better… we believe
HE knows…
HE is the best planner
And, who are we to deny?