She feels vulnerable


She dare not brush her hair
Or touches her head
Every stroke cause her hairs to fall
Not little but lots of them
What used to be black
Now reveals her scalp
She feels vulnerable
What is wrong with her?
She would ask herself everytime
And she would never leave her room without a scarf on her head


Photo : we don’t have to be on top to be recognised (the green and the pink at home)

Be true to yourself


It takes lots of courage to say out loud what is in your heart. One day when you are tired of keeping quiet and accepting what is thrown to you. No matter how hurtful things are, you have to stand up for yourself. No one would. It does not matter anymore what others would say or think of you because at the end of the day they are not the one suffering. This is your life. You deserve to live your life your way.
Every action has consequences.
It comes with risks attached.
That is beyond our control.

But, Who do we fear the most?
Who do we want to please?
Who is the most deserving?

Perception won’t kill. Let them say anything they want. Yes, it hurts sometimes. That is the price you have to pay. It will teach you patience and gratitude. The challenge is there to strengthen you. You are not losing here. But being silent and keeping things to yourself for too long can cause you to slowly dying from the inside. It does. You may not realize.
Choice is yours, choose wisely.
Let go and move on.
Forgive and slowly forget.
Remember time will heals.
Believe in HIM. The Creator.
To Him we shall return. Please Him. Seek His guidance and His love. World is temporary so do what is right. Be true to yourself.

Photo : Friday morning sky; breakfast with my heroes

When the sun meets the moon


Can you see the moon?
Look closely at the sun
Then you’ll see the moon

Sometimes we don’t have to look hard
For what we need
It is there
Only we didn’t noticed
Cause we were distracted


Photo : morning after sending the boys to school; i love sky and felt lucky to capture such beauty


I love him…but he is yours (Allah)


Give him strength
Give him courage
Let him accept
Let him redha
I will be forever his
So does our heroes
Allah please protect him
I know he can
Guide him
Let his tears flow of happiness
We have been through this
Through this battle with victory
Which maybe temporary
Then for a while we fogot
Maybe…i would say maybe
About our aim to be together in Jannah
Hand in hand us with our little heroes
Now we are tested again harder than before till he cried
That is my wish
Should I go before him
I want him to know
I Love him
And those love are purely from our Creator ALONE….we are blessed to hang on this long
Syukur Ya Allah. For this chance…
Grant us love…grant us happiness so we could achieve more in out path to Jannah.
Give us chance to see ou little Jannah grow to be true Mukmin be it with me or without me.


**specially dedicated to my hubby**

Photo : there will always be light…dgn izinNya. Beauty