One life…

“…. it was time to move on,

a time to appreciate all that life had given you and to strive towards health in the hopes that, one day, you too would be able to give back in whatever way you can.

You are given but one life. During your lifetime, there will be many chances and opportunities; it is these that need to be recognised for the blessings that they are, even if they come in the form of a disease, as unwelcome a gift as that may be.

Once that time comes, it will not be a period to dwell on the past, to ask, “Why me?”

Appreciate your family and friends, create the memories of a lifetime, and hope you would be able to return the kindness showered on you.”

– Idayu Maarof;  excerpt from The Doctor is Sick (2016)

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Make the days count


From the very first heart beat
HE keeps us company
Seek HIM
Seek HIS blessings
Be thankful for every breath
Before it is too late
When you can no longer chase
What is meant to be chased
While you are still alive
Make it fast
So you have no regrets.

Photo : reflection of the glorious sky; heading to see the doctor. Sometimes we have to look back and learn from the past

Why the morning sky?


I captured these photos of the morning sky as we drove the boys to school everyday

This is my new obsession
The changes from darkness to daylight as the sun rises brings me hope
The light I see lighten up my heart
I appreciate every beat
And a chance to live another day
To love and to be loved
It is a real blessing to be able to see
And enjoy what I see
He is the most gracious


Photo : morning skies; part of my collection
Captured using my camera (phone)
Not editing done.


Where is my chicken curry?


He was restless
Walking in and out of the kitchen
Checking on who was doing the cooking
“Is it ready yet?
Can I have a look?
Can I taste?
Why does it look different?”
He kept asking…
Soon after he came again
“Now, that is the right color,
smell and taste right,” he commented
Talking and acting like a big chef
Who was generous with big smiles
When he saw the dish being served
“Can we have dinner now?”
“Mama’s chicken curry is ready”
One of his favourite …
The reason he wanted to make sure who was cooking
Glad that he ate a lot for dinner
He truly enjoyed the curry
“Please keep some for tomorrow,” he said
before leaving the table
We were all smiling.

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Photo : a boy and the boiling curry