Balanced leaps : A journey from the heart to the mind

Fate took an unexpected turnMany times I broke downNot knowing when the worst would end Illness made me felt so aloneDrained by the many ‘why me’ questionsExhausted by the turmoil in my mindIn finding the meaning of acceptance I found solace in silenceShunning away family and friendsBefriending paper and canvasConversing by written words and splashes […]

Recover Me, 2020

Have not updated this blog for nearly ten months. No particular reason actually….but, I did write and took lots of photo as always. Perhaps 2020 is the time for them to sneak out of my dropbox bit by bit. I shall share more as I have found the missing part of myself called confidence. I […]

Life plan

It is not about how much time you have, but, how much effort you put in to make it happen. Why waste time worrying when you know nothing in life is certain… so, just do while you still can. Make it happen before it is too late. Even if it does not happen, at least […]