In the waiting room

Numbers popping on the screen

And names called one after another

On their feet, on wheelchairs and walking sticks

They are patients waiting to be seen.

Here I am, sitting among them

Feeling great that my pain is gradually disappearing

And my life is slowly getting back in place.

I can only pray for every face that I see around me today

Be granted patience and strength

And the recovery they are after will eventually be theirs

*I am grateful to be here with these people, who know that giving up is never an option*

Today, Neurosurgery clinic; 830am #2months after.

Rambling in the dark

Eyes wide open

My mind wanders around

Sleepy no more, I grab my phone

And begin writing

This post you are reading.

Isn’t it great,being able to write

In the middle of the night ?

Though it is just a pointless rambling

Somewhere, someone is reading

Enough to bring smile

Before I settle, in the land full of of dreams….

Good nite 🙂

Pic : my doodle (August  2016)

Be only You

Simple rule in life :

Be yourself & Stay in love

Do, not what people want

But, the things you love

So you will always be at peace

Knowing you are being you, no one else.

Photo : focus on what really matter; my bougenvilla is blooming celebrating my recovery☺

Letting go

Tears welled up his eyes

I could understand

The feelings he tried to hide

I offered him a hug

And he cried his heart out

Letting go what was buried inside

His mind, his heart are now cleared

And we are ready to move forward
*talking to my boy after the surgery

Beautiful surprise

The ‘team’ was perfected

One time, one place 

and no one was left behind.

I felt honoured at my own place

I will never let it slipped.

Cause that moment,

was neither expected nor predicted

And I had waited for a long time.

❤beautiful homecoming 130816 after the surgery

You are my Paradise

“Take your time

I will understand

I will never leave

Cause you are my paradise…

This song I composed

Is special for you ,this song is ours

So you know, I will always be there for you.”

*my son wrote this song for me 2 months ago after knowing that I’ll have to go for another surgery. He even sang it to me💖.A beautiful rendition from an 11-year old.

Pic : my painting on that special day

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