Make the days count


From the very first heart beat
HE keeps us company
Seek HIM
Seek HIS blessings
Be thankful for every breath
Before it is too late
When you can no longer chase
What is meant to be chased
While you are still alive
Make it fast
So you have no regrets.

Photo : reflection of the glorious sky; heading to see the doctor. Sometimes we have to look back and learn from the past

I am awake and I smile


Hope, Love and Patience
Are here with me at all times
Don’t have to count 1 2 3
Don’t have to call for them to come
I can feel their presence even if I could not see
That’s the gift He is giving me
To help me through with this journey
Knowing that He is always there
Guiding me in every step I have to take
Giving me back my smile
So I could share with the love of my life

I see hope in the sky


Morning blessings.

Our days begin early and we take a different route now. But, my obsession with the morning sky remains the same. I see hopes when I look at the morning sky. The energy brought positivity into my soul. Who are we to deny such amazing creation?

Photo : early rise as school begins early

*I wish I could go back to painting very soon*

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