I am awake and I smile


Hope, Love and Patience
Are here with me at all times
Don’t have to count 1 2 3
Don’t have to call for them to come
I can feel their presence even if I could not see
That’s the gift He is giving me
To help me through with this journey
Knowing that He is always there
Guiding me in every step I have to take
Giving me back my smile
So I could share with the love of my life

I see hope in the sky


Morning blessings.

Our days begin early and we take a different route now. But, my obsession with the morning sky remains the same. I see hopes when I look at the morning sky. The energy brought positivity into my soul. Who are we to deny such amazing creation?

Photo : early rise as school begins early

*I wish I could go back to painting very soon*

Love is here, this place


This place is full of love
Where I feel blessed
This is the place
To clear my mind
I don’t have to say anything
Yet they always understand
I just stand there and breathe
With him by my side
And them both around
I feel complete
That is the beauty of this place
My parents’ place…
(Or dad’s place)

Photo : view from my window after the rain; the greens

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