Strong will


Patah sebelah kaki

Tetap teguh berdiri

Tetap terbang ke sana ke mari

Demi rezeki…

“Hendak seribu daya.”


Embrace your limitation

& unlock your strength

During the challenging time.

All you need is a strong will..

“When there is a will, there is a way.”

Photo : Mr Green had lost one leg.

Be only You

Simple rule in life :

Be yourself & Stay in love

Do, not what people want

But, the things you love

So you will always be at peace

Knowing you are being you, no one else.

Photo : focus on what really matter; my bougenvilla is blooming celebrating my recovery☺

A slap on my face


He had constant fears and nightmares
Which ultimately he could not contain
Causing an outburst of emotions
He cried almost all night
It was like a slap on my face
A wake up call to make me realized
That he had been watching
He was also listening
Only he didn’t really understand
What was happening…
And he was afraid of losing


Photo : i love sky; morning in Bangi
After sending the boys to school


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