Anything is possible


It was the end of the 2nd school term.
My boys were having their end of term class party at school. I decided to bake chocolate chip cookies for them #first time…

I learned that when I put my heart into what I have decided to do I could achieve them.

*My son’s comment : “Looking good. Tastes nice. Make them in a smaller size next time.”

A slap on my face


He had constant fears and nightmares
Which ultimately he could not contain
Causing an outburst of emotions
He cried almost all night
It was like a slap on my face
A wake up call to make me realized
That he had been watching
He was also listening
Only he didn’t really understand
What was happening…
And he was afraid of losing


Photo : i love sky; morning in Bangi
After sending the boys to school


Can you hug me boys?

Dear little heroes,
It has been 5 days
Since I last saw you both
Papa was here caring for me
When I come home…
Can you hug me please?
Just the way we do it, like always.


# you both came today
# i was holding my tears at all time
# mothers day card 4 me♡♥


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