You are my Paradise

“Take your time

I will understand

I will never leave

Cause you are my paradise…

This song I composed

Is special for you ,this song is ours

So you know, I will always be there for you.”

*my son wrote this song for me 2 months ago after knowing that I’ll have to go for another surgery. He even sang it to me💖.A beautiful rendition from an 11-year old.

Pic : my painting on that special day

Can you hug me boys?

Dear little heroes,
It has been 5 days
Since I last saw you both
Papa was here caring for me
When I come home…
Can you hug me please?
Just the way we do it, like always.


# you both came today
# i was holding my tears at all time
# mothers day card 4 me♡♥


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