Will there be regrets?

I asked myself
Have I done enough
In the time given to me
For those I love
Have I loved enough
For those I hurt
Have I been  forgiven
For all the dreams I wished to achieve
Have I worked hard enough to make them  reality
Will there be regrets in my life?
I really don’t have the answer

Pic : arabic calligraphy ‘Allahuakhbar’, gouache on paper

Good to be home; i get to hug you

Been almost 3 weeks we parted
Missing you both so dearly
When i saw you both today
My heart melted
You both said to me
– we didnt feel hungry when you were not around but we ate
– we missed you but we didnt cry
– we didnt feel well but we took our medicine
You don’t have to worry anymore
We are big boys now
We just want you back home
We know you were tired but seeing you both home make us very happy
Just don’t feel bad
We still love you both no matter what
Like you told us – be grateful; GOD loves us
HE will always protect us
Let us be together
You can still hug us…we can hug you both in return
…..and my tears drop.




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