I am… A wife and a mother, a doctor too.

Dreaming of becoming a writer*.
Love art and photography.
English is my second language.


This LukisDanTulis blog is about my journey through life told through my writing, photos and art. In the Malay language Lukismeans – draw/illustrate/paint; while Tulismeans – write. dan simply means – and.
I hope I can inspire everyone who come to know about my writing and artwork.
I wrote about my real life experiences and the way I have dealt with them.

I believe images can tell good stories as much as through the written word.



*written before I became a published author.



IDAYU MAAROF graduated with an M.D. from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia medical school. She then served in several hospitals, before starting her own general practice. Her interest in health care through patient education has resulted in her writing on personal health issues such as how patients can make the best use of the medical infrastructure to their maximum benefit.

Dr Idayu is passionate about empowering the public with the knowledge to better enable them to cope with their health issues, believing that doctors should also teach and help patients manage their health, especially to prevent the onset of disease. As the old adage goes – prevention is better than cure.

Dr Idayu is a published author in addition to devoting time to explore her artistic leanings. Her first book, The Doctor Is Sick was published by MPH Publishing.


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