I should have predicted that…

Market. Son suddenly asked, can we buy apples? Make sure you eat/finish them and bla…bla..bla, me being mom.

Home. Oh! there are still apples in the fridge… A little regret kicked in. So, in the next few days the sight of the apples kind of reminded me – you should have checked…

Day 3. Apples in the basket left untouched. Ermm… maybe I should just cut all these apples. Suddenly, are you making apple pie? No…, me while putting the sliced apples back into the fridge.

Day 4. 4 am. The sight of a container still full of sliced apples made me thinking, why on earth did I cut all? Who’s going to finish them now? I ended up making apple pie filling in those early hours.

Day 5. After school. Is that apple pie you made? His face lightened up; he spread his arms and hugged me.

Conclusion : He wanted apple pie from the very beginning…

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