Be only You

Simple rule in life :

Be yourself & Stay in love

Do, not what people want

But, the things you love

So you will always be at peace

Knowing you are being you, no one else.

Photo : focus on what really matter; my bougenvilla is blooming celebrating my recovery☺

Letting go

Tears welled up his eyes

I could understand

The feelings he tried to hide

I offered him a hug

And he cried his heart out

Letting go what was buried inside

His mind, his heart are now cleared

And we are ready to move forward
*talking to my boy after the surgery

Beautiful surprise

The ‘team’ was perfected

One time, one place 

and no one was left behind.

I felt honoured at my own place

I will never let it slipped.

Cause that moment,

was neither expected nor predicted

And I had waited for a long time.

❤beautiful homecoming 130816 after the surgery

You are my Paradise

“Take your time

I will understand

I will never leave

Cause you are my paradise…

This song I composed

Is special for you ,this song is ours

So you know, I will always be there for you.”

*my son wrote this song for me 2 months ago after knowing that I’ll have to go for another surgery. He even sang it to me💖.A beautiful rendition from an 11-year old.

Pic : my painting on that special day

 I want you home

You stood there

Not knowing what to say

Slowly you came to me

Lying on my bed in silence

I hugged you tight

Your heart beating fast

Then you said to me,

Mama, I want you home.

Oh dear… If only you know,

I don’t want to be here either

But, this is where I could get better

So we can have future together

Pic : latest painting before hospitalisation


One life…

“…. it was time to move on,

a time to appreciate all that life had given you and to strive towards health in the hopes that, one day, you too would be able to give back in whatever way you can.

You are given but one life. During your lifetime, there will be many chances and opportunities; it is these that need to be recognised for the blessings that they are, even if they come in the form of a disease, as unwelcome a gift as that may be.

Once that time comes, it will not be a period to dwell on the past, to ask, “Why me?”

Appreciate your family and friends, create the memories of a lifetime, and hope you would be able to return the kindness showered on you.”

– Idayu Maarof;  excerpt from The Doctor is Sick (2016)

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