Endless possibilities


Standing on the beach
The waves washed my feet
Swirling sands building foundation
Firmly held my feet onto the ground
I could feel the strong force
Each time the waves came
Neither pushing nor pulling me down
The grip was getting stronger
As the sands thickened
Made me not wanting to leave
The sea, the waves and the sky taught me
The challenges in my life were sent to make me stronger
Teaching me patience and gratitude
Like the waves that never gave up crawling onto the beach
The sands that kept coming back after being washed away
And the sea with endless possibilities
Only the sky is the limit as far as I could see
I will not give up, until my last breath is taken away from me

Pic : view from my window; Port Dickson, Malaysia (watercolor painting)

I lost my words

Dear words,

I wanted to write
I could not get you out
Where have you been?
Hiding deep in my brain?

I didn’t know how to tell
What really was in my mind
Maybe it was the pain
Making the right you hard to find

I just hope my dear words
Please be kind
The next time around

Me, myself.
#my struggle after the surgery (feb16). I do hope this would explain my silence.