Celebrating Motherhood

I had her with me for a while only
I did not understand then
And I sometimes asked why
Why was I given only a short time
With the one I called my mum
Now that I have children of my own
I truly appreciate those early years
And life after the loss
That I should live in the moment
Be thankful of every challenge…


Pic : my painting ‘letting go'(i shall rise again)

*my mothers day jotting

Make the days count


From the very first heart beat
HE keeps us company
Seek HIM
Seek HIS blessings
Be thankful for every breath
Before it is too late
When you can no longer chase
What is meant to be chased
While you are still alive
Make it fast
So you have no regrets.

Photo : reflection of the glorious sky; heading to see the doctor. Sometimes we have to look back and learn from the past