Love is here, this place


This place is full of love
Where I feel blessed
This is the place
To clear my mind
I don’t have to say anything
Yet they always understand
I just stand there and breathe
With him by my side
And them both around
I feel complete
That is the beauty of this place
My parents’ place…
(Or dad’s place)

Photo : view from my window after the rain; the greens

Don’t be sad


You’ll be tested again and again
There’ll be hardship
There’ll be difficulties
There’ll be pain
Don’t be sad, Allah knows
Turn to Him, Put trust in Allah
Allah knows…
This is His calling
You have to see this is blessing
Turn to Him, Subhanallah

Photo : early rise

He is cute!

Learning English …

What is General Meeting?
Meeting with the general

What is a pilot project?
You take a pilot and give him a project

What is an engineer?
Someone working in scrap yard

Why didn’t you go to school?
I miss my mom

What… (I about to finish my question)
He said, You are asking too many questions…don’t you know anything?


*talking to a little boy*

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