My English, is it good ?


I was born alien to English
I did not see the importance
until I entered university
I don’t speak English fluently
and struggling until today
It is obvious that I have to improve
When my boys speak English better than me
I have to change and I have to practice
Through written words that I openly share
*My boys are my inspiration*

Photo : attending lecture at nearby mosque; never stop learing




If I die here and now, will God be pleased with me?
This phrase echoed in my ears for days
It brought fears in me knowing life is full of surprises
Today I am healthy, tomorrow I might be struggling for my last breath
Question is, when is ready is ready?
Kun fa ya kun … and it happens in split seconds
Am I prepared when the time comes?

ArRahman ArRahim… have mercy on me
Grant me beautiful ending in Paradise
Guide me to this beautiful eternal life
Guide me to the straight path…

Photo : sunset