Gift beyond expectation

It was not easy, if you would ask me
I did not know, no one told me
About the stress, the fear and the anxiety
And that the emotional recovery would took longer than I expected it to be

However, it was my pleasure to learn so much
I learned the meaning of true healing
About sincerity and unconditional love
I learned to look beyond the pain
I learned to let go of the unnecessary
I learned to hold on to what is important
I learned to choose what is good
I learned to disagree without guilt
I learned to stand up for myself
I learned to respect myself and every decision I made
I learned to keep going no matter how hard it would be

The recovery was indeed a soul searching moment
I got my second chance in life
To reclaim my life, to reclaim my heart
It was not about the heart beat
It was the syncronization of every breath
With thankfulness and gratitude
To still be able to wake up every day
To be given the opportunity to strive and be better each day
To be thankful for every single thing no matter how small
To understand that it wasn’t about pleasing another human being
To not be fear of people or what they would do or say

I was busy chasing my life for a while
That I did not see or I forgot to see
The straight path was always there
The light was also there to guide me
And they were patiently waiting to be explored… only I did not realize
Until that moment when I was knocked down
When I started to feel helpless and empty
I began to understand
The fall was actually a gift, a call
Which I have longed and waited for
To fill my life with

I did not know before
I did not realize
Forgive me for my ignorance

Photo : sun shining bright in the morning sky, i see hope


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