She feels vulnerable


She dare not brush her hair
Or touches her head
Every stroke cause her hairs to fall
Not little but lots of them
What used to be black
Now reveals her scalp
She feels vulnerable
What is wrong with her?
She would ask herself everytime
And she would never leave her room without a scarf on her head


Photo : we don’t have to be on top to be recognised (the green and the pink at home)

When the pain comes


I could hardly see anything
Vision was blurry
Images were overlapping
My hands were trembling
And my body was shaking
I was in great pain
I felt weak… and I broke down
I cried for a while
Then I gathered myself again
Stood tall with a smile on my face
And walked away like nothing happened


Fat free vs Free fat


We were having breakfast

Me : Do you want yoghurt?
Son : No, I don’t want

Me : You like yoghurt
Son : Not the ‘fat free’

Me : Why?
Son : I want to stay healthy… that yoghurt, it comes with free fat. You pay for the yoghurt and get ‘fat free’

Oh! my boy…


Photo : our recent weekend retreat after one stressful week