I want to share my story

I see patients
I treat their illnesses
I try my best
Ultimately I still need the Almighty
For complete healing
I talk to them
I pray for them
Make them believe
They will be healed
By His mercy; the Almighty

They came for help
They even came for hugs
The medicines were for the physical
And the hugs for emotional support
Yeah! I am proud of myself
For being there to help
Being a GP I learned a lot
My patients are my teachers
When they say thank you
When they smile at me
Make me wanted to do more

Now I am not what I used to be
Lots had happened to me
I have to say I am still in recovery
Which took longer than I expected to be
I learn many things as I walk this path
How my patients might have felt
The emotional rides they went through
The helpless feeling
The need for comfort
And someone telling everything will be alright
How a hug or a pat on the back made difference

This journey has changed me
Makes me a better doctor
A better person I should have been
I will one day share my story
The day will come… I promise
Cause those valuable experiences
Might help someone going through
The same journey
Which unexpectedly came to me


Pic : evening sky captured on my way back from work; yes! I am back at work

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