Remembering my father

I remembered seeing him crying that morning
When the one he loved the most left him forever
She left him beautiful children (us) and that gave him hopes to move on
His life was devoted raising us unconditionally
Never once he raised his voice towards us, never angry
All I could remember was the sweet memories we shared with him
He brought laughters to us his children
He never regret anything he said or done
He gave us the best education he could afford
No matter how hard his life was
He never complain and never ask for anything but the happiness of his children
He was a man with a big heart
I was away when he died because we were separated by million miles
I cried and heartbroken for not being there to say good bye
To the man I adored who believed
I found the right man the day I met my husband
Better than him, he was convinced
Memories with him gave me reasons
To bounce back whenever I was feeling down
He was my inspiration, my father..was the man


For the eternal land


The time has arrived for us to leave
Departure to a place we call our home
To live up our dreams while we can
Before this temporary world comes to an end
We know there will be challenges
But we have to move on without hesitation
Because time is too precious to waste
This journey is for seeking the inner peace
A preparation for the final destination
Which we know is going to be permanent
For the eternal land, that is the plan
In the highest paradise we walk hand in hand
Till then, we shall tirelessly seek His guidance

Photo : early rise, off to school

Be true to yourself


It takes lots of courage to say out loud what is in your heart. One day when you are tired of keeping quiet and accepting what is thrown to you. No matter how hurtful things are, you have to stand up for yourself. No one would. It does not matter anymore what others would say or think of you because at the end of the day they are not the one suffering. This is your life. You deserve to live your life your way.
Every action has consequences.
It comes with risks attached.
That is beyond our control.

But, Who do we fear the most?
Who do we want to please?
Who is the most deserving?

Perception won’t kill. Let them say anything they want. Yes, it hurts sometimes. That is the price you have to pay. It will teach you patience and gratitude. The challenge is there to strengthen you. You are not losing here. But being silent and keeping things to yourself for too long can cause you to slowly dying from the inside. It does. You may not realize.
Choice is yours, choose wisely.
Let go and move on.
Forgive and slowly forget.
Remember time will heals.
Believe in HIM. The Creator.
To Him we shall return. Please Him. Seek His guidance and His love. World is temporary so do what is right. Be true to yourself.

Photo : Friday morning sky; breakfast with my heroes

Where is my chicken curry (part2) ?


I was supposed to do the cooking
But I fell asleep as I was feeling very tired
Luckily, he was also busy watching tv
Not wanting to disturb me
Dad started the cooking himself
When it was almost ready
And soon after I was back in the kitchen
He popped in asking,
Mama, is your chicken curry ready?
He had a sip to taste ….then he smiled
And said; this is papa’s chicken curry.
It is okay. We can have mama’s curry when she is well…

Oh! My little chef
He really know how to taste.
And he loves my curry.

Photo : chicken curry and noodle for dinner; school holiday (written in june15)

Struggle behind her smile


You could see her smile
What you could not see
She was struggling in silence
She might look strong in your eyes
But deep down
She was at her lowest point
Her expectation was high
And it seemed too far for her to reach
She was exhausted
Yet she kept moving
Because giving up is never an option

Photo : afternoon sky; fetching them from school