I miss mama ♡


Sent him to school
Left him in his classroom
He ran down to the car
Just before we drove off
Why are you crying?
I miss mama, I want to be with her
We brought him home
And he missed school that morning


Pic : two of them; my guardian
(My boys’ gundam figure)

Let it be, I told myself.


It has always been there
I could ignore it before
I could live with it for a while
Now it is more than the usual
It feels different
I don’t know if I should be worried
Let it be, Leave it alone
– I kept telling myself

Photo : ‘balik kampung’ time; syawal 3rd


Therapy-nothing can beat this


Celebration of joy this Eid
Celebration of life for me
I will not ask for more
Their smiles and laughters
Lessen the pain I am having now
Yes, It is difficult to hide
Cause it is not bearable
The pain in my head
And the pain on my back
I sleep so I forget for a while
But when I wake up
The cycle starts again
That is not important really
Cause I want to be with my family
Seeing them happy
Is the best therapy for me

*best Ramadhan for me*
Better tomorrow…

Photo : my favourite malaysian pineapple jam swiss roll (bahulu gulung)


How will the ending be like?


Ramadhan has comes to an end
Surely will be missed by all
We dont know when will be our ending
And how will the ending be like
Will  we be missed by all?
Will we leave in peace?
No one can guarantee
Reflect and be prepared
To be called
Anytime and anywhere
Ready or not?
We decide for ourselves


Pic : remembering EidulFitri with my father


Her (his) life has always been like that


She gave in
She smiled
She talked
But, it didn’t last long
Coz those hurting words
She heard today
She could not ignore
She has had enough
But what choice does she has…
Other than to forgive
God knows what’s in her (his) heart
And how much she (he) is hurt
Maybe she should go back to her hiding again…and remain silent


Pic : morning sky


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