Past and Now


I was lost
I am now saved
I was broken
I am now mended
Here I am at peace
Embracing my life
Enjoying every moment
As I emerge out of my cocoon


Pic : cloudy sky; just before the morning rain (june15,putrajaya)

*new page will be created for my paintings*


A year after


A year has passed
Ramadhan comes again
I am now a better person
Physically and emotionally
It has been great -the experience, the journey
And the people I met along the way


Photo : Ramadhan Kareem, beautiful morning sky


Count your blessings



Pic : I was thinking about my family when I scribbled this…
(The original plan was to draw a family potrait)

Scribbling and painting, why not?
Fulfilling my childhood dream

Go chase your dreams


I stepped out of the room
I closed the door behind me
Suddenly I felt completely recharged
No more worries
No more fears
“Go chase your dreams,”
My inner voice was telling me
That brought a smile onto my face
I took a deep breath
And walked away…
All set for a new challenge
(We’ll do it together…all of us)


Photo : dream a new dream; our recent trip


New challenge, should I?


Is it worth it ?
To let go of things I built with love
Where I had put my time and efforts
And worked very hard to gain trust
Despite the challenges and difficulties
Through out the past years…
For something which does not promise me future (yet)
For which I have to start all over again
Learning new things as I go on
To pursue my dream and passion
In something I have no real talent

I am torn between the reality, hope and dream
I wish I could have them all
I know I just couldn’t
Because I want to feel free again
After years of living on people expectations
Putting aside my feelings and dreams
Now I want to rise again
With him and them
To live our lives on our own terms
And chasing our dreams
Till the day we return to HIM





Silent mode.
Hibernating in my cocoon.
Finishing my artworks
“My journey (Collection)”

It is now school holiday
Time with family is my priority
Kids have exam after this break
So we have been busy with books

*be back soon*

Pic : latest artwork (edited to B&W) – watercolor painting


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