Moving on (I should have looked beyond the pain)


I was knocked down few times
I was angry and frustrated
My life has been like a rollercoster
Sometimes I was happy
But mostly I was feeling down
It wasn’t easy
When you were not what you used to be
My family grieved as much as I did
They suffered in silence, that I could see
Still I was ignorant and selfish
Worrying too much about what others would think of me
Until he told me,
It is okay to show your pain
It is okay to cry if you want
I may not feel your pain
I may not understand
But we have all we need – us being together with our kids
And we are blessed with so much love
Let them talk, this is our life.
I looked at my children
I knew from that moment
I have to move on
I have to let go
I just have to be me
The one they know
The one they love
I wasted so much time
Grieving and pretending I was fine
Hiding my tears and showing smile
To please others ,not mine
and not  even the ONE (the most deserving)
I forgot what was important
I should have looked beyond the pain
Instead I let myself drowned
In my own emotions


Photo: driving home; reflections


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