Where is my chicken curry?


He was restless
Walking in and out of the kitchen
Checking on who was doing the cooking
“Is it ready yet?
Can I have a look?
Can I taste?
Why does it look different?”
He kept asking…
Soon after he came again
“Now, that is the right color,
smell and taste right,” he commented
Talking and acting like a big chef
Who was generous with big smiles
When he saw the dish being served
“Can we have dinner now?”
“Mama’s chicken curry is ready”
One of his favourite …
The reason he wanted to make sure who was cooking
Glad that he ate a lot for dinner
He truly enjoyed the curry
“Please keep some for tomorrow,” he said
before leaving the table
We were all smiling.

#itwasnotaboutthecurrybutwhosiscooking #happymomhappyson

Photo : a boy and the boiling curry


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