A walk to remember (not the movie)


As I was sitting in the car
I could see him holding their hands
Walked them to their classrooms
I could see anxiety in their eyes
And felt their worries as they left me

Watching them walking together
I felt sorry for myself
That I was too weak to walk them
Sorry things has now changed
For us and unfortunately for them
That was a walk to remember
Or at least I wanted to remember
Like witnessing their first day of school

After weeks we were away
And weeks they missed school
“Promise me you’ll fetch us after school”
They reminded me that morning
“Yes I will… if Allah permits”
I could only say that to them

Definitely it was a day to remember
As they walked, each step carries hope
Things would turn alright when we left
They would be able to adapt
Because they are big enough to understand
Some things are far beyond our control

Photo : my three heroes; hands in hands


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