Will you still be here tomorrow?

The room is full of laughters again
They are jumping around
Telling so many stories
Hugs and kissess never ending
When it is time for meals
“Where are you sitting mama?”
Both choose to sit next to me
Other times, they play with daddy

That’s the therapy I really need
Being home with my kids
Seeing them smiling and laughing
Which ‘taste’ better than medicines I have to swallow
Helping me to recover emotionally
And bringing joy back into their heart


Then they ask me :
“Will you still be here tomorrow mama?”
Leaving me speechless…


Photo : home-made ‘lempeng’ /pancake from sister


Before it is too late


I have been sick
Staying in hospitals
In and out of ICUs
There were moments I wasn’t conscious
I didn’t remember most of them
What I knew … through this
I see true loves
I feel their sorrows
The cries and smiles
Of true friendships
In time of needs
More than when I was joyful
Maybe…it was my fault
Maybe I was selfish
And too busy with life
That I forgot
I should be more grateful
Appreciate more while I could
Cause I am blessed with beautiful people who really care and love me♡
Life can sometimes be hurtful
But we can always forgive…

For that TQ and Sorry.
#Forgive me
#reminder for self

Dedication : all my friends