Walking is not all easy

I didn’t realize
I have not been walking for 2 weeks
Lying comfortably on the soft hosp bed
Being pushed on a wheel chair
Or holding onto my walking companion
To anywhere I wished to go
Until yesterday…when I was asked
“Can I see you walk?”
GOD knows how stiffed I were
Every step was a torture
I leaned to my hubby
To ensure my safety
The Drs were watching
What could be in their mind ?
Oh! I missed my old times
When I was the one standind among them
Looking at the patients
Hoping to offer my hands…
At anytime…at any point
Give me another chance
PLEASE…I want to do good


# I woke up today…full of energy
starting my walking exercises as much as I could. I wanted to prove myself I could push any limit I set.
#TQ dear…and my walking stick.
#I lasted 10 minutes only. Hrmm….
Better than none. There is always tomorrow!

Photo : room @Hospital

*written this few hours before i was sent to ICU for more than 24hrs  (07.05.15)