I love him…but he is yours (Allah)


Give him strength
Give him courage
Let him accept
Let him redha
I will be forever his
So does our heroes
Allah please protect him
I know he can
Guide him
Let his tears flow of happiness
We have been through this
Through this battle with victory
Which maybe temporary
Then for a while we fogot
Maybe…i would say maybe
About our aim to be together in Jannah
Hand in hand us with our little heroes
Now we are tested again harder than before till he cried
That is my wish
Should I go before him
I want him to know
I Love him
And those love are purely from our Creator ALONE….we are blessed to hang on this long
Syukur Ya Allah. For this chance…
Grant us love…grant us happiness so we could achieve more in out path to Jannah.
Give us chance to see ou little Jannah grow to be true Mukmin be it with me or without me.


**specially dedicated to my hubby**

Photo : there will always be light…dgn izinNya. Beauty


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