From the bottom of my heart

Have i thanked you enough
Not that i remembered
Even if i did
That would never be enough
For sure
For life i owed you

You are in my prayer
Day and night
May God look upon you
Bring only the best for you
In whatever you do

Grateful that we met
But sorry I brought not joy
Fear and pain instead
Negativity and calamity
Sorry for the worries you had to endure
Treating someone like me
Difficult and complicated
Yet you maintained your calm
Integrity and professionalism

I adore you i really do
If I could say something
It would still be thank you
Even I know it will never be enough
(Till the end of my life)
Coz you make me feel safe
You are blessing in disguise
To us (my family)
And I believe….everyone else agree
The beauty I see
Is your true personality

May Allah bless you with peace
Success and happiness
Grant you a place in Paradise
For your kindness, sincerity and patience
(My doctor My sister My Friend)

Once you said to me
It is not necessary, but thank you
For little thing I gave you
How can I repay
Time spent talking to me
Every answers you gave me
The worries and fears
I added to your life
Sleepless night I might have caused
While you gave me comfort
When I said sorry
You replied, no worries
You still care even months has passed

I wonder…still wonder
How can I say thanks to you
Someone so kind
With beauty in your heart

From the bottom of my heart
World has to know that you are great
Thank You (never enough)
*dedicated to DrSS
(you know who you are, if you read this)


Photo : magnum ice-cream with friends