A week I C U

I feel love
I feel important
That is me…
But to you, your side it is different story
Definititely every beep on your phone
is a nightmare
Every ring
is is like calll from hell
Is she gone
Is she dead
It surely scary is it?
Sleepless night i am causing again
Am I
To you doctors
To you hubby
To you loved ones
I am truly sorry
May not come from my mouth
But deep from my heart
Truly sincerely
Please forgive me
For milion times…




As the wind blows
And the river flows
Listen to the birds chirping
Leaves and trees whistling
Listen…that is natures calling.


Put your hand close to your heart
As you feel your heart beating
You started thinking – I am alive
Listen… to your heart again
Every beat carries hopes
You were given love
Be thankful
you never know when it lasts
cause when the nature calling for you
You are gone…it is your time

Who are we to deny?
Those beauty
Of Nature calling
Are we prepared to be called?
That’s the only question…
How? When?
But never Why…

#life if beautiful


Our ‘stinky’ baby

I smell of victory
I smell like citrus
– my kids describing their smell
When they are sweaty
Giving reasons not to bathe

#What we called ‘stinky’
The smell we love the most
Smell of children of Jannah

Why victory?
Why citrus?
In Malay we called them’masam’ = stinky
He thought ‘masam’ = sour = citrus
But for my baby…it’ his victory

* i miss my babies…
Can’t wait to go ho home.

It’s my day 5 in the hospital